Silent Oil-free Compressors

Compresors AFLATEK differs from other manufacturers by offering the widest range of soundproofed compressors in the WORLD. Where low, or very low noise levels are desired then this virtually silent in operation air compressor is an absolutely ideal choice! And it also offers high performance and plus portability too. All these great features means the "AFLATEK silent" is a particularly suitable Air Compressor for use in places such as offices, shops, studios, laboratories, surgeries and small workshops where noise is either unacceptable or an annoying distraction.

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SilentPro50-1 UP Air Compressor


Powerful, silent, oil-free and easily transportable compressor

Aflatek SilentPro50-1 UP

With very powerful 1100W motor SilentPro50-1 UP  is excellent option for anyone who needs compact and portable compressor that provides considerable air flow rate. Oil-free design and anti-rust inner coating makes it perfect for medical institutions like dental office.